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Plant Production and Technologies

“I want to study Plant Production and Technologies because …”

The increase in the world population increases the need for nutrition, clothing and fuel. My goal is to provide solutions to the problems of drought, the environment, in the natural cycle, to increase the production of plants in gardens and in fields, to increase productivity and assessing the products.

Course Educational Content

The courses offered by the Department of Plant Production and Technologies includes Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Agricultural Ecology, Meteorology, Soil Knowledge, Planting, Soil Productivity, the Principles of Fruit Production, Garden Plant Breeding and Developing Grain Suitable For Cool Climates. The Department provides an environment for the application of these subjects. In addition Bio-production students help producers research into productivity

What are my career options?

Graduates are expected to work as a director or technician in multinational and international companies. They are able to start up and manage plant and animal production companies, undertake private and formal studies. They can have careers in agencies that provide education and extension services, in consulting companies, in control-certification, in project design and management, in agricultural product and input marketing, in retail industry, in tourism, in processing agricultural product, in wrapping, in storing and transporting, in markets and municipalities, in the production of seeds, seedling and saplings, in egg production and breeding materials and in apiculture. Graduates are expected to leap forward on setting up their own business as a result of the improvement in their personal skills and the entrepreneurship developed during their studies.

The Department of Plant Production and Technology in Brief

The aim of the Plant Production and Technology programme is to train professionals able to work in the production of field and garden products, which can be benefit society as food products, in enhancing fertility and in assessing products.

Research and Applications

The Department students have the opportunity to undertake research, to become part of applied education and to have the opportunity to be interns in the 2,940 decares Practice, Research and Training Farm near the CIU campus that offers 655 decares of farmland, 420 decares of olive trees, 75 of various fruit trees and 160 decares of vineyard. 45 decares are under greenhouse cultivation and 25 decares are under open vegetable cultivation. Arable crops such as clover are planted in 2,030 decares and poultry husbandry is carried out in 100 decares with sheep, goat and cattle farming occupying 85 decares of land.

By 2011 there were 1,130 cattle and 500 sheep and goats of different ages on the farm. The poultry husbandry business had 27 poultry houses of 720 m², nine of which were used as egg production places for breeding with a capacity of 18,000 chicks per week. There is a capacity to produce 25,000 eggs per day in both of the poultry houses. Meat production occurs in the other 16 poultry houses. Within the farm there is a 500 m2 closed space housing the olive processing plant.

Academic Program