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Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technologies

The approach to education, research and publication in the Agricultural Sciences and Technologies Faculty is organised in such a manner as to bring together agricultural sciences with technology. Agricultural Sciences and Technologies provides four year courses within its two departments of Plant Production and Technologies, and Biosystems Engineering that give faculty students lectures by prominent academics of the field. Courses are supported by intensive fieldwork and work in the laboratory. Our goal is not to simply educate individuals who are able to obtain information and who are followers of technology but also to educate experts using information and obtain and produce technology. The Faculty provides up-to-date modern laboratories, an Application, Research and Education Farm of 2,940 decares equipped with the latest equipment that helps to enhance learning for scientific research, and to develop studies.

In addition, drought, water shortages and climate change, developments in the transportation of nutritional products and their distribution have potential impacts on agriculture. This impact is bound to have restricting aspects on life. The faculty takes an active role in providing local expertise by planning the research to be conducted and the application of the end results of the studies.