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Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technologies


History and Development

Founded in 2012, we are continuing with nearly fifty five students in our educational life that we started with six students in our faculty. It is planned to open the graduate program in the department of Crop Production and Technologies next year and open the doctorate program within three years.


Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to contribute to society peace by training qualified professionalists, who are equipped with modern profesional knowledge and skills; can seek novel knowledge and technologies, can learn and teach perpetually, can produce, search, and apply, are open improvement, have the national and international competitive capacity with ethical values in the frame of universal values and in the line with national needs, according to scientific fundamentals and sustainability at fields of agricultural production.

Our Vision is to be pioneer, known and instant faculty which have the national and international competitive capacity in the frame of sensitivity to environment and ethic values conducting modern educational activities, scientific research and development studies and training qualified professionalists by means of unit of Faculty of Cyprus International University which is stated on most productive plains of Cyprus.


Educational Opportunities

The Department students have the opportunity to undertake research, to become part of applied education and to have the opportunity to be interns in the 2,940 decares Practice, Research and Training Farm near the CIU campus that offers 655 decares of farmland, 420 decares of olive trees, 75 of various fruit trees and 160 decares of vineyard. 45 decares are under greenhouse cultivation and 25 decares are under open vegetable cultivation. Arable crops such as clover are planted in 2,030 decares and poultry husbandry is carried out in 100 decares with sheep, goat and cattle farming occupying 85 decares of land.

By 2011 there were 1,130 cattle and 500 sheep and goats of different ages on the farm. The poultry husbandry business had 27 poultry houses of 720 m², nine of which were used as egg production places for breeding with a capacity of 18,000 chicks per week. There is a capacity to produce 40,000 eggs per day in both of the poultry houses. Meat production occurs in the other 16 poultry houses. Within the farm there is a 500 m2 closed space housing the olive processing plant.