Prof. Dr. Philip Garner

Professor Philip Garner has held Professorial positions at Brunel, Nottingham Trent and Northampton universities, all in the UK. He is currently Professor of Education at Brunel University, London. Philip has been involved in proposal and programme evaluation for national and international bodies, including for the EU (Horizon, Erasmus+) over the last 20 years. He has specific country-knowledge of Turkey, Croatia, FYR Macedonia, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Barbados, Bhutan, India, China and Australia. He has published widely in this field, the Editor of Support for Learning ( and also Editor for the Routledge ‘'Connecting Research with Practice in Special and Inclusive Education' book series.

Effective Leadership for Effective Inclusion

School leaders must be at the very heart of promoting a community of inclusive learning practice within their own school, both by modelling inclusive practice themselves and giving others the opportunity to realise their potential. Above all, their big challenge is to recognise these imperatives, whilst providing resources and support to enable them to be addressed. They need to do this by acknowledging that, in most schools, such a culture-change will be a long-term effort involving significant attitudinal shifts on the part of all concerned. Notably this will involve changes in institutional organisation and pedagogic practice to enable all learners to access a broad and relevant curriculum. The role of leadership within the ‘community of inclusive learning practice’ is the principal catalyst in enabling everyone to have the best chance to thrive as a learner. This presentation outlines some of the issues involved in supporting leaders to be integral in this process.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ágnes N. Tóth